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The Time and Attendance module of People Smart software is perfect for small businesses that do not have complex needs but need efficient and well-structured personnel management processes.


Attendance Tracking And Present Monitors

Manage the time patterns of each employee according to the labor contract. you detect clock-ins and clock-outs. have a real-time view of who is present in the company with the attendance monitor. arrange for the printing of the time card/attendance sheet according to current regulations (single labor book).


Absence, Overtime, Leave And Vacation Management

every attendance anomaly is automatically reported, and the software allows you to manage absence, leave and vacation immediately: monitor totalizers for each employee define daily, weekly and monthly offsets between absences and overtime; collect employee slips and requests for vacation and leave in a structured, paper- or e-mail-free manner.


Payroll Software Integration

with people smart you can collaborate efficiently with employee payroll processors, exporting data useful for producing pay slips and the expense reimbursement summary. integration is available to all major payroll software on the market. with zucchetti payroll software you also have the ability to automatically synchronize data for coupon processing.

how to track attendance?
you choose the system best suited to your needs!

You can compose and modulate your ERP to suit your needs. You select only the features you really need from those available for the application areas: Administration & Finance, Sales & Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Logistics, and Store Management.

Integration With Attendance  Terminals

people smart software integrates with zucchetti time and attendance terminals. employees will thus be able to clock in and out via badges, and all data will be automatically received in the software.

Attendance Even Via Tags

here is an innovative way for employee attendance tracking. with the people smart mobile app, clocking in and out can also be done via nfc tag, which is a small sticky tag with a chip: simply bring your smartphone close to the tag to clock in and out, just like with a badge. stamping with tag requires that the device supports nfc technology.

With The People Smart Mobile App

at any time and any place, all it takes is a click to clock in and out from the people smart mobile app in total security and also in geolocated mode.

People smart is also mobile!

all the main features of people smart’s time and attendance module are also available on the mobile app. information, data, analysis in real time and always under control at any time and from any place.

People smart is also mobile!

All the main features of the People Smart Attendance module are also available on the Mobile App. Information, data, analysis in real time and always under control at any time and from anywhere.

with the people smart app you can:

  • clock in and out with maximum security;
  • enter absence slips and requests for vacation or leave;
  • view totals;
  • consult your time card

thanks to the people smart mobile app, you can also easily manage the attendance and justifications of staff in smart working, located in multiple locations or without pcs and fixed workstations.

the people smart mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices.

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