Digital Services

Smart Factory

Reduce costs, become more efficient and increase revenue

Thanks to artificial intelligence it will be possible to revolutionize production processes

The future sustainability and viability of your corporate business depend on the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts and presuppose the digitization and modernization of processes.

The impact

The Smart Factory makes it possible

With process optimisation through automation and data management, improve cost efficiency

With a practical overview of operational data, quickly identify the origin of a product defect

Security features such as server redundancy, authorisation user encryption and network encryption fully protect projects from data loss and unauthorized access

Increased security for staff by automating labor-working and repetitive tasks and improving HIMI visualization for better overview

our value proposition

obtain visibility and control

Always connected:

continuously extract traditional data sets along with new data sets based on sensors and location. Collaboration between departments flow

Flow of transparent data:

Real-time metrics and tools to support fast and consistent decision making. Real-time links to customer demand forecasts. Transparent tracking of customers

Optimised process:

Reliable and predictable production capacity. Highly automated production and material handling with minimal human interaction.

Results-oriented solutions:

We make sure that measurable results are provided throughout the project cycle


Identification and predictive resolution of anomalies. Automated refuelling and replenishment. Early identification of the Quality problems of suppliers.


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