Unified EndPoint Security

BlackBerry Gateway

BlackBerry Gateway is artificial intelligence-enhanced security for the modern enterprise

BlackBerry Gateway offers artificial intelligence-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to protect private applications hosted on-premise or in the cloud. Our cloud-native solution provides scalable outbound-only access to any application, hiding critical resources from unauthorized users and minimizing attack surface areas

Artificial intelligence-based security boosts ZTNA

BlackBerry Gateway extends its proven cybersecurity capabilities to network security. Reduce surface attack areas, prevent lateral movement, unwanted application discovery, and take advantage of increased visibility into network activity for both on-premise and cloud resources.

Enable large-scale digital business transformation

The multi-tenant and cloud-native nature of BlackBerry Gateway provides a fast, reliable and elastic solution for digital business transformation. Designed to reduce packet loss, jitter and latency, BlackBerry Gateway streamlines application access, meeting the workforce wherever they are.

Simplifies policy enforcement with automation

BlackBerry Gateway simplifies complex network security challenges and meets the evolving needs of the distributed workforce. Using advanced artificial intelligence, BlackBerry Gateway simplifies the configuration and management of dynamic context-sensitive policies while enabling granular access controls

Artificial intelligence-based malware prevention

Adoption and configuration

One-click configuration for many of the most popular SaaS apps simplifies operations for network administrators. Rapid deployment improves end-user experience

Reduce network risk

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network with source IP addition technology. Hide applications from public view and eliminate lateral movement with segmentation

Network and activity visibility

Access detailed information at a glance with an intuitive dashboard and real-time visibility into network traffic, security events, and indicators of compromise. View statuses, access histories and key destinations.

Connectivity anywhere, on any device

Enable your distributed workforce to work from home or anywhere on managed and unmanaged devices. Available for macOS®, Windows®, iPhone® and Android

Fast, reliable performance

Leverage edge accelerator to optimize network paths, improving performance and speed. Robust and resilient tunnel technology enables high-fidelity connections for any app and VoIP

Integrated threat detection

Discover network threats with AI-assisted network telemetry analysis, without decryption. Native integration with BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Security allows network access only from intact devices

Use Cases of BlackBerry Gateway

Zero Trust Adoption.

Improve your overall risk posture by implementing a dynamic network access model with minimal privileges and identity-based adaptive controls, critical components of a Zero Trust architecture.

Secure access for all users

Protect your hybrid business model and remote workforce with flexible access to critical resources on-premise or in the cloud

Endpoint and network security

Ensure all endpoints and networks are protected with integrated solutions that work smarter, not harder, providing greater visibility and security against current and future cyber threats

Enhanced collaboration

Enable faster and more secure access beyond your FTEs. Contractors, suppliers, and strategic partners can securely access resources to promote productivity across managed and unmanaged devices

VPN Replacement.

Eliminate implicit overconfidence and latent risk by migrating away from antiquated perimeter defense solutions that expose your business to misuse and abuse of credentials.

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Improve the speed and agility of transformational events without the need to integrate networks to enable productivity. Deliver a more unified, stable and secure experience with ease.

Real-time visibility

Network administrators and security personnel can access the information they need to make informed network and risk decisions with detailed user activity and application detection.

Granular policy management

Take control of your networks and applications with outbound-only secure access and adaptive policy management with minimal privileges, enforced by a cloud-AI risk engine.


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