Parking Management Software


"The parking manager" in your city

xParking is web software for managing surface parking and/or in public or private garages that automates and simplifies management and interfacing with users.

xParking is able to manage most of the processes,

ranging from the issuance of the season ticket to the control of the same by the predisposed personnel (ascertainers or bodies subject to the control of parking); from the management of the report

Customer side, it gives the possibility through a personalized access via a web portal (usable via PC, Tablet or SmartPhone) to access its services and to be able to independently manage any new purchases, renewals and/or changes (such as a license plate change on a subscription). There will also soon be a dedicated APP for dedicated management of one’s subscriptions.

It’s flexible, making it adaptable to all those peculiarities

Creation of subscription or parking permit with card creation/association (if required for access)

Management of renewal, card replacement, vehicle replacement, etc.. (some of these features can be done by the customer via dedicated web portal)

Automatic sending of payments to billing software

Management of statistics and customization of reports

Logging of transactions made on the software

There will also soon be a dedicated APP for dedicated management of one’s subscriptions.

Flexible interfacing with external servers for IN or OUT verification of data

  • Webservice for zones with ZTL or APU access
  • Resident subscription feasibility check if
    present Interface with registry office
  • Interfacing with regional system for
    management of people with disabilities
  • Opening of parking spaces with bars
  • Interfacing with new parking meters
  • License plate control if authorized also
    interfacing with external payment systems
    (easypark, phonzie, etc…)

Automatic forwarding of reports made to law enforcement agencies.

PagoPA payment management


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