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One ERP for all business needs

To be truly competitive in today’s dynamic business environment you need to keep costs under control and maximize profitability-that’s why Mago4 ERP is the management software for everyone, but especially for you.

In fact, Mago4 is the solution for the complete management of your business, and

is designed to keep the total cost of ownership low through the support of different technologies, databases and operating systems, with an unprecedented openness to the cloud. Available in multiple editions, flexible and modular, Mago4 allows you to implement targeted customizations and add functionality as your business grows.

With Mago4 you effectively manage all aspects of your business,

whatever it may be, and always have a solution tailored to your every need at your fingertips.
Mago4 improves the effectiveness and accuracy of your business processes, while always maintaining the flexibility you need to facilitate everyday work in any commodity sector (manufacturing, trade or services).
Find all business information integrated in one system, always available and up-to-date: so you can reduce errors and management costs.

Artificial intelligence-based malware prevention

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