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VTE the CRM with a BPM heart

Easily manage your customers and leads, implement marketing strategies and design your business processes

vtenext the Italian Open Source CRM + BPM

vtenext is Italy’s first all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform with a natively integrated business process management (BPM) engine.

All marketing, sales, post-sales and customer service functions are automated and optimized through business process automation.

For more than 14 years, vtenext CRM + BPM has been present on the main platforms with an active user community that, through the dedicated Forum, daily devotes its time to develop and innovate it, while making it more and more secure, fast and performant.

VTE NEXT is a CRM software that enables easy and comprehensive management of customer, contact and lead data.

It is the first CRM to integrate a BPM engine, offering the possibility to design and optimize business processes, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

Modularity and high possibility of customization complete the service. We are official resellers of VTENEXT: rely on our experience to get a CRM tool that fits your business needs.

The vtenext crm can also be synchronized with Mago management software, for which we are official resellers.
The vtenext crm can also be synchronized with the Mago management system, of which we are official resellers.

Main features of VTENEXT CRM


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