BlackBerry IVY

Unlock the potential of connected vehicles

BlackBerry IVY is poised to advance the automotive industry to deliver the most innovative driving experience. With its scalable cloud-based software platform, enhanced operations and valuable data, BlackBerry IVY helps you unlock the full potential of your connected vehicle

Discover the data platform powering automotive innovation

Fueling development

Access critical vehicle data to accelerate the development of new in-vehicle customer experiences.

Opening opportunities

Drive growth with new revenue streams. Expand ecosystems and the app developer community.

Streamline costs.

Reduce processing costs with edge data processing. Improve operations with data visibility.

What is BlackBerry IVY?

Discover the benefits of BlackBerry IVY

Automakers and suppliers

Retain total control and ownership over your data and gain access to our large community of app developers


BlackBerry IVY is compatible with most OS and cloud platforms, requiring no specialized skills in embedded or automotive software

Drivers and Passengers

Customers will praise the personalized experience enabled for BlackBerry IVY and trust that their data is private. Frequent updates will provide new features.


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