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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance and testing

Business risk increases as quality as a practice decreases

An average app is estimated to lose 95% of users within the first 90 days due to poor code quality.

The growing use of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches requires continuous, constant updates.
The rapid evolution of the technological landscape requires a change in the methodology, approach and delivery of testing services. Element Software provides a full range of quality assurance and testing services to organizations that build and use business applications and software products. We provide a combination of strong technical expertise along with state-of-the-art technology and testing facilities.

The impact

For us, Bug Error Failure is not an option

Launch products or services on time to avoid final business results

Improved profitability and cost optimisation

Better relationships, experience and customer satisfaction

Increased levels of agility and responsiveness to become a connected business

our value proposition

Covers all aspects of QA and control

Complete manual testing:

The process to uncover untapped bottlenecks and bugs, automated testing cases could be lost

Flexible test templates:

Futurism’s flexible QA engagement models follow customized operations and processes with rigorous SLAs to ensure business goals are met

Qualified QA resources and affordable:

Don’t worry about hiring and training QA professionals. We provide full offshore support for your testing needs on a permanent basis and contractual

Monitoring progress in real time:

Know the real-time status of tasks, bugs, and crashes to plan the ongoing development process

Access to tools and newer frameworks:

Get access to the world-class 0A automation lab futurism, to automation tools of tests and frameworks

Reusable test cases:

We provide customers with a library of reusable test cases that they can deploy at any time


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