Unified EndPoint Security


The future of cybersecurity, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence

Cylance AI® for endpoint security stops malware and malicious attacks before they occur.

Seventh-generation cybersecurity AI

Cylance AI set the standard as one of the first machine learning (ML) models for cybersecurity.

Now in its seventh generation, Cylance AI has trained on billions of different threat datasets over several years of real-world operation. Tested on a range of cybersecurity applications, its performance has proven to be unprecedentedly effective at identifying and preventing malware.

While the claims of many security vendors about using AI or ML in their offerings may be true, they could use artificial intelligence to optimize and automate some aspects of their heuristics or signature generation processes. But they are not living up to the full promise of AI, which prevents cyber threats.

As a pioneer and innovator in cybersecurity AI, Cylance’s ai team has and continues to drive research, development, application, depth and effectiveness, particularly when applying AI and ML to cybersecurity challenges. And our data science-based approach to strengthening AI models against future threat variants offers a clear advantage over solutions that use AI as a plug-in or additional functionality.

AI for prevention before protection


Continuous learning and maturation

With Cylance AI's sophistication and our ever-expanding repository of proprietary security data, our solutions can help you minimize cyber risk exposure and optimize resilience.


Artificial intelligence-based malware prevention

Our artificial intelligence-enabled endpoint protection platform and cybersecurity solutions inspect all applications attempting to run on an endpoint, helping to prevent the execution of Zero-Day payloads.


Detection and prevention of memory exploits

Cylance AI proactively identifies malicious memory usage (fileless attacks), automatically initiating immediate prevention responses.


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