Unified EndPoint Security

BlackBerry Persona

AI-based continuous authentication and behavior analysis

BlackBerry Persona uses machine learning (ML) and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to dynamically adapt security policies based on user location, device type, and other factors to protect against human error and well-intentioned workarounds.

Adaptive Endpoint Protection with predictive artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence-based malware prevention

How it works

User Location

BlackBerry Persona uses machine learning to identify behavioral and location patterns of multiple users to determine location-based risk. Known locations can also be preloaded.

Network Reliability

BlackBerry Persona determines how often the network is used and adjusts security dynamically based on profiles. Accessing a public Wi-Fi for the first time, for example, would adjust the risk score accordingly.

User behavior*

BlackBerry Persona can determine and create a contextual risk score based on knowledge of how and when a user normally accesses data, identifying when user behavior seems consistent and trustworthy (*soon available).

DNA of devices and apps*.

BlackBerry Persona can determine whether a device and apps are compliant and up-to-date by modifying security policies based on DNA profiles (*soon available).


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